ZeroTurnaround breaks new ground with JRebel for Android

Tallinn, Estonia and Boston, Massachusetts, April 4th, 2017, ZeroTurnaround, creators of Java development tools, JRebel and XRebel, announced today that their Android development tool, JRebel for Android will be available for free. For Android developers who require enterprise-level capabilities, ZeroTurnaround is providing a comprehensive solution for them with JRebel for Android Enterprise.

Since its launch, JRebel for Android has been widely adopted as the premier tool to accelerate the development of Android applications. JRebel for Android Enterprise offers a robust set of features critical for enterprises including; incremental Java compiler with support for 20+ annotation libraries, custom annotation processors integration for incremental Java compiler and license server, as well premium support. In addition to saving developer time, the JRebel for Android free and Enterprise versions maintain the application state for more than 12 change types. Both products include a base feature set with the following capabilities: Instant code and resource updates, preserved application state, debugger support, multidex support and JNI linking support.

“We adapted our core JRebel technology to eliminate the time consuming full build, install and run cycle for Android developers,” said Jevgeni Kabanov, founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround, “resulting in developers being able to save hours of time weekly.” “ZeroTurnaround has always believed that the best technology and products should be made available to developers and Android developers have told us that JRebel for Android is what Instant Run should have been.” added Kabanov. “Taking this feedback to heart, we decided that more developers should be able to benefit from JRebel for Android, which is what led to this announcement.”

About ZeroTurnaround

ZeroTurnaround makes revolutionary developer tools for creating quality software faster. With its award-winning products, ZeroTurnaround is transforming how software is created, enabling development teams to build, inspect and error-proof quality software with considerably less downtime. Founded in 2007, today ZeroTurnaround’s technologies are used by more than 5,200 enterprise teams, including 36 of the Fortune 100, representing more than 65,000 active users in more than 90 countries. For more information, visit or follow @zeroturnaround on Twitter.

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