Next Steps

Install XRebel

  1. Extract the XRebel ZIP archive to a location where you have both read and write access.
  2. Add XRebel to your server startup parameters: -javaagent:[/path/to/]xrebel.jar
  3. Start your server! Keep an eye on the XRebel toolbar in the lower left corner of your app. Using an IDE? We have installation instructions for Eclipse, IntelliJ, Netbeans and JDeveloper.

Activate XRebel

Try XRebel for 10 days, free

An activation form pops up automatically upon startup. Simply complete the form and hit Activate XRebel Trial to test-drive it for 10 days.

Already have a license?

Click I have a license and activate using your license key, file or license server URL.

XRebel Trial
Using XRebel

Using XRebel

Increased velocity in software development

Close the feedback loop between testing and development. Be more productive by discovering and fixing issues before committing.

Better software quality

Spend less time debugging and more time improving your application and implementing features.

Learn and improve faster

Demystify what’s happening under the covers with real time, digestible performance metrics as you code.

To learn more about XRebel, check out our documentation!