Why Choose JRebel for Java Development?

Skip Redeploys, Save Time

Redeploys can cost hours of valuable development time every week. Skip redeploys and save time with JRebel.

Real-time Change Visibility

With JRebel, developers can instantly see the impact of code changes. Spend less time waiting on redeploys, and more time coding.

Maintain Application State

JRebel maintains application state, making it easier for developers to stay focused on creating groundbreaking Java applications.

Easy and Fast Integration

JRebel is highly integrable, supporting over 100 of the top Java application servers, frameworks, build tools, and more.

Dedicated Support

JRebel offers dedicated, professional support to ensure you can integrate quickly and troubleshoot effectively.




High Return on Investment

With JRebel, you get a proven, high-ROI productivity tool that can immediately save your company time and money.

Seamless Integration for Your IDE

JRebel provides a polished, user-friendly experience for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse. Make changes and skip redeploys, all without leaving your IDE.

JRebel for IntelliJ  JRebel for Eclipse

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Improve Code Visibility and Application Performance

Track Code Impact Across Distributed Applications

XRebel traces code across distributed applications, making it easy to identify and fix performance issues during development.

Accelerate Time to Market

Because XRebel is able to help developers easily find issues in application code early in the production pipeline, applications go to production faster and with fewer bugs.




Get Real-Time Feedback on Application Performance

XRebel shows developers how their code is performing in real time. That means cleaner code and fewer surprises during production.

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