Developers are increasingly using multiple IDEs to meet the varied needs of their Java development practices. Microsoft Virtual Studio Code is increasingly being used as a secondary IDE for its debugging features.

Fix code faster by eliminating redeploys with the JRebel VSCode extension.

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Seamless Integration with Microsoft Virtual Studio Code

Not all IDEs are the same. And increasingly, developers are being required to balance Java development in multiple IDEs. But with the JRebel VSCode extension, you can eliminate downtime and redeploys—all without leaving your IDE.

Not a VSCode user? JRebel plugins integrate with all popular IDEs, including Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ.

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Create Better Applications Faster With JRebel and VSCode

With JRebel, developers can skip rebuilds and redeploys during Java development -- while maintaining application state. This allows developers to see how code changes affect their application in real time.

Skip Rebuilds and Redeploys

By skipping the rebuild and redeploy steps during development, Java developers can spend more time developing and less time waiting.

Accelerated Cloud Solution

Overcome latency when developing in the cloud by uploading incremental changes.

Maintain Application State

With JRebel, developers can instantly see the impact of code changes. Spend less time waiting on redeploys, and more time developing groundbreaking Java applications.

Easy and Fast Integration

JRebel is highly integrable, supporting over 100 of the top Java application servers, frameworks, build tools, and more.

Dedicated Support

JRebel offers dedicated, professional support to ensure you can integrate quickly and troubleshoot effectively.


High Return on Investment

With JRebel, you get a proven, high-ROI productivity tool that can immediately save your company time and money.