Developers are increasingly using multiple IDEs to meet the varied needs of their Java development practices. Microsoft Virtual Studio Code is increasingly being used as a secondary IDE for its debugging features.

Fix code faster by eliminating redeploys with the JRebel VSCode extension.

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Seamless Integration with Microsoft Virtual Studio Code

Not all IDEs are the same. And increasingly, developers are being required to balance Java development in multiple IDEs. But with the JRebel VSCode extension, you can eliminate downtime and redeploys—all without leaving your IDE.

Not a VSCode user? JRebel plugins integrate with all popular IDEs, including Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ.

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Create Better Applications Faster With JRebel and VSCode

With JRebel, developers can skip rebuilds and redeploys during Java development -- while maintaining application state. This allows developers to see how code changes affect their application in real time.

Skip Rebuilds and Redeploys

By skipping the rebuild and redeploy steps during development, Java developers can spend more time developing and less time waiting.

Real-time Change Visibility

When you make a change in your code, it’s reflected immediately. No more waiting to see if your code change had the desired effect.


Maintain Application State

By maintaining application state, Java developers can keep their focus on the task at hand instead of digging through layers of code.

JRebel Works With Your Project

JRebel is easy to integrate into your project, featuring support for over 100 technologies – including popular frameworks, application servers, IDEs and JVMs.

Dedicated Integration and Troubleshooting Support

JRebel offers dedicated integration and troubleshooting support for your project – including a library of support documents to help you along the way.

JRebel Seamlessly Integrates Into Your Stack

With support for over 100 frameworks, and almost all popular application servers, IDEs and JVM languages, JRebel works out of the box for almost all Java development stacks.