What Is JRebel?

JRebel is a JVM plugin that fast-tracks the development of Java applications. It allows developers to view code changes in real time while preserving application state.

JRebel integrates with 100+ leading Java frameworks, as well as application servers, IDEs and build environments.

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What Can JRebel Do?

JRebel empowers developers to create better applications, faster.

Skip Rebuilds and Redeploys

Rebuilds and redeploy times add up fast. Stop waiting and keep coding.

Real-Time Change Visibility

View the results of iterative code and resource changes to a Java application in real time.


Maintain Application State

Avoid the time spent reproducing the pre-change application state after a redeploy.

Finish Your Sprint Early

JRebel increases team velocity up to 40% (backed by surveys and case studies).

JRebel is the Premier Choice for Java Developer Efficiency

Save Time During Development With JRebel

“The time saving for me is significant. I’d say around 10% of my time in a day, sometimes more, is saved because of JRebel.”

– Petri Heinonen, Program Manager, Vaadin

Available Integrations for JRebel

Streamline Your Java IDE Experience

JRebel combines seamlessly with IntelliJ and Eclipse IDEs for a blazing fast coding experience. Make changes, skip redeploys, and keep coding without leaving your IDE.

JRebel for IntelliJ  JRebel for Eclipse

Get Started With JRebel

See what JRebel can do for your Java project with a free, 10-day trial.