Why Does JRebel Need My Data?

JRebel processes various usage and environment data for product improvements and support. This is done by monitoring product usage, user behavior and enabling the JRebel team to gather user feedback. JRebel users can be contacted for additional feedback when necessary.

How Does JRebel Collect This Data?

Upon collection, collected information is sent to a data collection service for storage and analysis. Keep in mind that JRebel does not share your personal data with any third parties. Also, the processing of your personal data is based entirely on your consent. If you disagree, data will be reported anonymously and no personally identifiable data about you will be processed.

What Kind of Data Does JRebel Process?

The processed information includes details regarding: user contact information (name and email address), system environment, IDE environment, frameworks and tooling, JVM, application server, JRebel licensing data, JRebel usage data, and JRebel settings.

The legal basis for data processing is your consent.

Revoking Consent and the Right to Be Forgotten

You can always revoke your consent by opening Help > JRebel > Configuration > Advanced and reviewing the reporting settings. Once you revoke your consent, we delete all personally identifiable information (PII) from your profile within a reasonable time.

Why Should I Agree to Have JRebel Process My Data?

Agreeing to data processing will help the JRebel team to build a better product and to provide better technical support. By collecting data, we can better understand user requirements and whether there is need for any new integrations. Whenever you contact the JRebel team for technical support, data present in your profile always helps us to better understand the problem and come up with an expedient solution.

Data Controller Details

For the data processing described above, the controller is:

JRebel by Perforce Software, Inc.
400 First Avenue North #400
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: +1 612.517.2100
Fax: +1 510.864.5340

Data Processors

The data processors for sales purposes consists of salesforce.com, Inc. and Amazon Web Services, Inc. The data processors for marketing communications consists of Marketo, Inc. and Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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