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What can your development team do with an extra month of development time per year?

How about an extra month per year, per developer? JRebel saves the average Java developer over 150 coding hours per year. With the average developer spending 5 hours coding per day, that means over 30 coding days added back to your development cycle.

How? By skipping rebuilds and redeploys during Java development, JRebel enables developers to spend more time coding, and less time waiting.

Our ROI calculator can calculate the estimated daily, monthly, and yearly time savings for your development team based on your application server or framework, and number of developers. Ready to get started? Fill out the form, then scroll down to see your estimated time savings.


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The values presented by the JRebel ROI Calculator are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent a guarantee of the time and/or money you, or your team, can save. The displayed values are based on median user-reported redeploy times and frequencies by technology. “Average Java Developer” values are based on the average of the listed technologies on this page. For a personalized estimate of savings for you or your team, or for questions on your results, please contact a solutions consultant.

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"Saves me so much time. It makes the whole development process easier because I can work incrementally and try things out."

Nikhil, Computer Scientist at Adobe

“Reload time is reduced for huge/modularized projects, and this helps with difficult troubleshooting issues, therefore saves a lot of time."

Ahti Soom, Software Engineer at Helmes (Spring Framework)

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