How Digital Economy Solutions Saved 1600 Hours of Development Time With JRebel

Digital Economy Solutions (DES) is a joint venture between emeratech, the leading online technology solutions and consulting company in the Arab world, and the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. DES is a leading developer for large scale government to business, business to business, and business to consumer digital solutions.

With JRebel, DES can complete their solutions faster, and save significant time and money during development.

JRebel Helps Digital Economy Solutions…

Save Development Time

The DES team has saved over 1600 hours with JRebel.


Increase Developer Efficiency

No more waiting on restarts to check code changes.

Deliver Better Projects Faster

Faster time to completion for DES eCommerce project.

JRebel boosts our productivity

and reduces the time spent on restarts, which helps us speed up our debugging processes.”


Restart Times Become an Obstacle for Digital Economy Solutions

In the course of developing an eCommerce solution for their client, the DES team needed to make frequent changes to the application on the fly.

Whether that meant introducing new variables, signatures, or methods, the team needed to restart the application to see if the change had the desired effect on the application.

But waiting on restarts to check those changes was having a significant impact on developer productivity.

Finding a Java Productivity Solution

With project deadlines looming, the DES team needed a way to speed up their development efficiency without hiring additional developers. A collaborator on their project mentioned JRebel as a high-ROI productivity solution, and the DES team immediately saw that JRebel would be a great fit for his team.

After getting budget approval, the DES team integrated JRebel into their development process with the JRebel IntelliJ plugin. 

The team didn’t experience any issues during implementation. And, because they were using the JRebel IntelliJ plugin, their team was able to quickly activate and use JRebel via the IDE.

Digital Economy Solutions Saves Time With JRebel

With JRebel integrated into their development process, the DES team was able to skip application restarts and see their changes immediately. That meant more time focusing on their project, and less time spent waiting on application restarts.

Hours Saved


Redeploys Skipped



“JRebel helped us to focus on store development instead of focusing on the technical issues getting in the way.”
— Lead Software Engineer at Digital Economy Solutions

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