How Intrasoft Saved Over 14,000 Hours of Development Time With JRebel

Intrasoft is a leading European IT solutions and services group that offers innovative technology solutions to public and private organizations around the world. With offices in 13 countries, and over 2,200 employees, Intrasoft has a sterling reputation for delivering complex, mission-critical projects on time and on budget.

By using JRebel, Java developers at Intrasoft can deliver their solutions faster, and with less time spent on development.

JRebel Helps Intrasoft:


Save Time During Development

Intrasoft has saved over 14,000 hours with JRebel

Increase Dev Efficiency

Intrasoft has skipped 275,000+ redeploys with JRebel

Deliver Solutions Faster

Intrasoft delivers projects faster with JRebel

"Developers are happier with JRebel”


Redeploy Times Became a Problem for Intrasoft

Intrasoft develops solutions for many large governments and public organizations, and those organizations have strict rules about which technologies they can use. Because of those restrictions, Intrasoft often needs to use older, more monolithic-minded technologies like Java EE 7, WebLogic, Hibernate, and JSF.

As a result of that combination, and a large application size, developers would regularly spend over three minutes waiting every time they wanted to see a change in a single HTML component. For the Intrasoft team, that was unacceptable. They needed a solution.

Intrasoft Saves Development Time With JRebel

After talking with people throughout the company, the team decided to try JRebel. They quickly incorporated JRebel into their Java development teams and found that not only were developers happier — they were able to complete projects much faster.

Since Intrasoft started using JRebel in December of 2018, they have saved over 14,000 hours in total development time —bypassing over 275,000 application redeploys.

Hours Saved


Redeploys Skipped


“Time is the most critical parameter in development, and JRebel saves us development time every day.”

— Software Architect at Intrasoft

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