How NTT Data Business Solutions Reduced Redeploy Times for SAP Commerce

NTT Data Business Solutions is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and employs more than 1,500 people. The company includes a consultancy department which works with customers from B2B and B2C industries who have e-commerce websites. NTT Data consults specifically for clients using SAP Commerce, along with Java and Spring.

SAP Commerce, formerly known as SAP Hybris, is an e-commerce platform used by large enterprise organizations to deliver rich omnichannel experiences to customers, from content management to personalization and order processing. 

Many Commerce developers face long redeploy times—a challenge NTT Data was also facing. However, with JRebel, NTT Data developers were able to reduce their redeploy times and boost productivity.

JRebel Helps NTT Data Business Solutions…

Save Time During Development

JRebel has saved NTT Data almost 8,000 hours of dev time.


Increase Productivity

NTT Data has skipped over 120,000 redeploys using JRebel.

Deliver Solutions Faster

NTT Data delivers client projects faster with JRebel.

“JRebel improved our development efficiency

by allowing us to rebuild the Java classes without restarting the server, saving us a lot of time and focus on the tasks we’re dealing with instead of waiting on the server.”

Monolithic Applications and SAP Commerce Led to Decreased Productivity 

SAP Commerce is notorious for long redeploy times—with 50% of users reporting redeploy times of eight minutes and higher. For NTT Data, delivering solutions quickly is critical for success. Clients want to see requirements go live as soon as possible and any bugs encountered in production need to be resolved immediately.

NTT Data uses Spring, Ant, Java 8, and Java 11 on their team of 40 developers. With this stack and SAP Commerce, NTT Data’s developers were waiting between four to ten minutes on each redeploy. And with one to two redeploys per hour, this was creating idle time where the developers could not be productive.

JRebel Eliminated Over 120,000 Redeploys for NTT Data

Using JRebel, NTT Data can focus on development rather than waiting on the redeployment of the project. For small changes, such as a typo, developers can now redeploy and see the new code instantly, motivating developers to continue working with SAP Commerce. Now, NTT Data developers can complete their work within scope and deliver solutions to clients sooner.

Hours Saved


Redeploys Skipped


Try JRebel on Your Project for Free

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