How SBM Saved Over 2900 Hours of Development Time With JRebel

The Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), headquartered in Istanbul, provides innovative products and services to the insurance industry.

By delivering statistics and insights for accurate pricing, fraud reduction, and more within the insurance sector, SBM helps to increase trust and public oversight in Turkey’s insurance system.

With JRebel, SBM is able to deliver their Java-based analysis solutions faster, and with less development time.

JRebel Helps SBM...

Save Time During Development

SBM has saved over 2900 hours with JRebel.


Increase Developer Efficiency

SBM has helped developers skip over 40,000 redeploys.

Deliver Solutions Faster

SBM delivers projects faster with JRebel.

"Without JRebel, we would still be waiting on redeploys.”

SBM and JRebel: A Winning Combination

SBM relies on their development teams to quickly deliver insurance analysis solutions to their clients. Because they work with large enterprise applications, redeploy times for SBM development teams would normally be significant. That is why for the last ten years SBM has relied on JRebel to skip redeploys and deliver dependable time savings for their Java development teams.

SBM Saves Development Time With JRebel

With JRebel fully integrated into their Java development pipeline, SBM is able to completely skip redeploys – meaning a significantly faster development process, and faster time to completion for their projects. Per week, their Java development team saves over 400 redeploys per week, and over 16 hours of development time. Cumulatively, SBM has saved nearly 3000 hours in development time by skipping over 40,000 redeploys.

Hours Saved


Redeploys Skipped


“JRebel is like cheese and bread for us. In our culture you cannot have breakfast without them.”

— Developer at SBM

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