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With the JRebel and XRebel plugin for the Eclipse IDE, Java developers can create groundbreaking and performant Java applications faster than ever before. Skip redeploys, trace request performance end-to-end -- even in distributed applications -- then assess the performance impact of your code change all without leaving the Eclipse IDE.

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JRebel and XRebel for Eclipse

The JRebel and XRebel Eclipse plugin brings the power of JRebel and XRebel to one of the most popular IDEs in Java development. Take advantage of the benefits of the Eclipse IDE, JRebel, and XRebel with seamless integration and support.

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Our JRebel Eclipse quick start guide will help you with installation and configuration.

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Our support documentation can help you install JRebel and XRebel for Eclipse.

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Just getting started with Eclipse? Our one-page Eclipse cheat sheet has all the helpful shortcuts you need to get your work done fast.

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About JRebel and Xrebel

JRebel and XRebel combine to help developers create better applications, faster. By eliminating redeploys and giving developers better visibility into the performance of their distributed applications, JRebel and XRebel give developers a high-ROI Java productivity solution.

  • Skip Rebuilds and Redeploys
  • See Code Changes Instantly
  • Maintain Application State
  • Trace Requests End-to-End
  • Get Real-Time Performance Insights
  • Improve Code Visibility

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