1. Acquire the latest version of Rebel Licenses On-Premise from our Sales Development Representatives.
  2. Extract the archive contents to a location with read and write permissions.
  3. Run the License Server!
    Windows: $ bin\license-server run
    Mac OS and Linux: $ ./bin/ run
  4. Open http://localhost:9000. You should see the License Server activation form.

Other options

Use startup parameters to configure the License Server default port and context path: -Dhttp.port=9000 -Dapplication.context=/license

You can also configure the License Server to start automatically at system startup:


  1. The Product Activation form is shown automatically at first run.
  2. Fill out the form and press Activate.
  3. Create your first administrator account!
  4. Once the License Server has been successfully activated, you will be automatically logged in and see the default dashboard view.

Offline activation

Press the Offline activation button to enter existing license key. This is useful when your License Server device does not have a public network connection. Contact support if you need to generate a license key offline.

Import Licenses

  1. Open Licenses > Import licenses.
  2. Enter the credentials you used when activating your ZT License Management account.
  3. Choose which licenses you wish to import and their quantities.
  4. Enter your first and last name.
  5. Press Import

Good to know

Your order email contained an activation link for accessing your licenses on ZT License Management. Use the same credentials for importing that you used when activating your account.

Other options

Alternatively you can export license files from your ZT License Management account for License Server. You will receive an email with the batch license file. In that case open Licenses > Import licenses. Choose the From file tab. Browse for the license file and press import

Add Team

  1. Open Teams > Add team.
  2. Specify the team details. We highly recommend specifying a team lead – they can share licenses with their team and manage team members.
  3. Press Add team.

Invite Users

  1. Open Teams and find the desired team.
  2. Press Envelope icon in Actions column.
  3. Add the email addresses one by one and press Send invite when done.
  4. An email with the Team URL and instructions for activation will be sent to each invited user.

Good to know

You can also just copy the team URL that is displayed below the team title and forward this to your developers via your preferred comminication channel.

Client activation

Your team members will need to activate their products using the License Server team URL and their personal email address. Please forward your developers to the relevant product guide for license activation instructions: