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To Modernize or Not to Modernize — Options for Java 17

According to our recent Java Developer Productivity Report, 69% of developers are still using Java 8 — and the majority have not updated since Java 8’s release in 2014. The release of Java 17, the newest LTS version, brings to light questions on the value of updating. Is it worth the investment to move to Java 17? Or is a jump from Java 8 to Java 17 too big a hurdle?

In this white paper, we dig into the reasons many teams have stuck with Java 8 and cover the benefits and considerations to take in mind when considering an upgrade. We dissect OpenJDK’s role in improving newer versions of Java and break down what Java 8 users may be missing out on in this newest release.

About the White Paper

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  • Java’s history and move to OpenJDK
  • OpenJDK features and enhancements since Java 8
  • Considerations to updating 
  • Java modernization and a look into the future

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