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Productivity Teams are Paving the Path Forward

They operate under different names—work groups, automation teams, productivity groups, etc.—but the core focus is the same. These teams investigate solutions and test workflows so developers can concentrate on writing code.

This is the first year we’ve tracked the incidence of dedicated productivity teams, and at 42% we only expect that number to skyrocket in the years to come.

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Who Should Read the Java Developer Productivity Report

Are you tasked with managing a multi-language development team, or are you deep in the trenches with Java development? Whether your role includes managing Java developers, writing code, or testing and implementing new Java development tools, you’ll find salient data points on technologies and trends in this year’s report. The 2024 Java Developer Productivity Report is for:

  • Development and application engineering executives
  • Java team leaders and managers
  • Java architects and developers 

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Methods to Encourage Developer Productivity 

4-Year Comparison: Number of Microservices

Tracking Trends In Java Development to Stay Ahead

For a dozen years running, our Java Developer Productivity Report has provided valuable benchmarks on the challenges Java developers are facing and the tools they’re using to solve them.  

After years of trending upward, microservice adoption rates were largely status quo. What was surprising is the number of microservices that respondents reported using in their applications. While some teams are able to thread the needle and implement microservices, many more are sliding into miniservice or macroservice architecture. 

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