In modern IDEs, opening multiple projects, figuring out dependencies between them, integrating the build systems, navigating type systems, and even the plain automatic compilation on save is something so common in the Java world that we don’t even consider these actions as features. They are must-haves that are basically non-negotiable. Indeed, many developers don’t even consider using a programming language for any serious work if the IDE support for it is lacking.

Eclipse, with it's impressive breadth of plugins and high usage rate among developers, has made itself a landmark in the turbulent Java ecosystem. But

Tools of the trade can be a source of frustration or a source of enjoyment. Mastery of your tools doesn't just make you more productive, it makes the whole process more fun. Those who think otherwise have never used vi. ZZ 

ZZ JEVGENI KABANOV, Ex-CEO and Founder of JRebel

About the eBook

In our eBook, Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Eclipse, we look at the most popular plugins and see if we can say anything about the IDE based on what people install there.

Additionally, we want this report to be an accessible guide for learning the key bindings and cool shortcuts for Eclipse. Everyone has their own preferences and modifies the keymap according to one’s own taste, but the basic default shortcuts are the most important.

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