Welcome to JRebel by Perforce. This handbook is your guide to getting help using JRebel.

JRebel’s Global Support Team is available to assist you with your support needs. From answering questions about our product to assisting with troubleshooting, JRebel Support is there to help you get the most from your JRebel experience.

JRebel Support mission is to help you reach your goals. From answering questions that arise while using JRebel, to troubleshooting, our support team will help you minimize your downtime and maximize your JRebel experience.

NOTE: Nothing in this document supersedes your current contract with Perforce.

What Are The Various Levels Of Support That JRebel Offers?

JRebel provides a Standard Support offering to all customers, as described below. A Premium level service is available, at additional cost, for Enterprise sized customers. 

Online support including downloads, technical knowledge base, FAQ's and Video TutorialsXX
Email support during normal business hoursXX
Dedicated Customer Success Manager X
Onboarding Sessions X
Custom Configuration Guides X
Q&A Session(s) X
Quarterly Business Reviews X
How Do I Contact Support?

JRebel offers support services via IDE, webform, customer portal, and email. We recommend using the IDE plugin, web portal or the customer portal since those provide us with the most background information that we will use to quickly handle your case.

IDE Plugin - Support Service Feature

Contacting JRebel Support through the IDE Submit a Support Ticket feature will create a case and automatically include log files and the needed information of the environment.

Web Form

The web form is the main channel to use when opening support tickets if you do not have a Community Portal FAQ account.

Select JRebel as the ‘Product Brand’ and fill in the relevant information in the fields provided and submit your case. You will immediately receive an email letting you know your request has reached our systems. You will hear back from JRebel Technical Support as soon as they have reviewed your case. In most cases, you will hear back from someone in thirty minutes.

Jrebel Request Support

Perforce Community Portal

The Community Portal is the best method to use for opening and tracking your support tickets. Please review the Community Portal FAQ for complete details.


Send email to support-rebel@perforce.com

What Times Of The Day Is Support Available?

JRebel Support engineers are on duty during North American and European business days.

How Can I Escalate My Case?

Cases can be escalated by requesting escalation in the case itself.

Once the escalation is received, one of our JRebel Support Managers will call the phone number you provided to understand the reason for the escalation and the impact it is having on your team. Following the phone conversation, the JRebel Support Manager will put together a plan of action to address the escalation as well as send periodic updates until the resolution is confirmed.

Can I View My Open Cases?

The Community Portal is the best method to use for viewing, opening and tracking your support tickets. Please review the Community Portal FAQ for complete details.

What Are The Different Case Severity Levels?


The issue causes the application to stop, crash or cease to function. Work cannot reasonably continue; the application is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency requiring immediate attention towards resolution.


The issue severely restricts the functionality of JRebel within an application, but the production application can continue to run/operate. Severity Level 2 issue render Product completely unusable in pre-production development efforts.


The issue restricts the functionality of JRebel within a production application and/or impedes pre-production development efforts. Severity "Major" issue includes a degradation of reliability or performance or limited access to a non-critical function of JRebel. "Major" issues include those for which a workaround had been provided, but for which a permanent improvement is still necessary.


The issue does not significantly restrict the functionality of JRebel within a production application and/or has only a minor impact on pre-production development efforts. Requested performance or usability enhancements will also be considered a Severity "Minor" issue but will be provided at Perforce’s discretion.

What Service Level Objectives Are In Place?

Response Times for On-Premise Non-Production Installations:

SeverityDescriptionTargeted First ResponseTargeted Workaround/Resolution
BlockerSoftware is causing an interruption of production business servicesWithin 30 minutesViable workaround within 24 hours: resolution within 5 business days
CriticalMajor functions disabled in productionWithin 30 minutesViable workaround within 72 hours; resolution within 10 business days
MajorNonessential functions disabledWithin 30 minutesResolution in the Release following the release currently in process
MinorMinor problemsWithin 30 minutesResolution prioritized by Perforce
How Do I Obtain My Licenses?

JRebel software licenses will be available via your fulfillment letter and through JRebel Sales. Additional information can be found at https://www.jrebel.com/products/licenses and https://www.jrebel.com/products/licenses/on-premise.

What Releases Of The Software Are Supported?

Full Support of current versions is available until the End of Maintenance (EOM) of that version is reached.  After a version has reached EOM, Support to be provided on a best effort basis.

When Are My Maintenance Windows?

There are no maintenance windows with JRebel products.  When a product update becomes available, customers will have access to the update, updates are not automatically installed.

What Training Is Available?

Quick start guides and product documentation can be found at JRebel Documentation.

Is There Self Help Available?

Quick start guides and product documentation can be found at JRebel Documentation and the Community Portal.

How Do I Get Help Beyond JRebel Support?

Sometimes your problem will be traced to issues with software that is not under the control of JRebel (e.g., open-source software and networking.) OpenLogic is a Perforce company that provides support for open-source software. Contact your CSM or Sales to see if OpenLogic can help you with non-JRebel problems.