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September 22, 2020

Introducing JRebel and XRebel 2020.3

Product Updates

The JRebel team is excited to announce the latest releases for JRebel and XRebel, JRebel 2020.3.0 and XRebel 2020.3.1. Get a breakdown of the new features, improvements, and supported technology versions below.

JRebel 2020.3.0

JRebel 2020.3.0 marks the third major release for JRebel this year. It introduces support for the newly-released Java 15, as well as support for a variety of new Java technology versions.

Support for Java 15

JRebel 2020.3.0 introduces support for the latest Java release, Java 15! Take advantage of full support for the latest features in Java 15, including Records, Text Blocks, Hidden Classes, and the Sealed Classes preview feature. 

Updated Support for New Java Technology Versions

JRebel 2020.3.0 also updates support for a variety of application servers, frameworks, and other Java technologies, including:

  • Byte Buddy
  • Camel
  • Hibernate ORM
  • Jackson
  • Jetty
  • Liferay
  • Payara
  • Resin
  • Spring Boot
  • TomEE
  • Vaadin
  • Virgo
  • WebSphere
  • Weld

Bug Fixes and Usability Improvements

The JRebel team has also been hard at work improving the customer experience. JRebel 2020.3.0 features a number of improvements and bug fixes that help to make using JRebel a polished experience. Improvements include improved integration with Hibernate ORM, Spring, WebSphere Liberty, and Weld.

Download JRebel 2020.3.0

Ready to take advantage of the latest  JRebel — and Java — have to offer? Click the link below to download JRebel 2020.3.0 today.

Download JRebel 2020.3.0   View Changelog

XRebel 2020.3.1

We are also excited to announce the release of XRebel 2020.3.1, the third major release in 2020 for our distributed tracing tool, XRebel. XRebel 2020.3.1 adds some exciting new features, including an onboarding tour that makes it easier for new users to explore the latest XRebel features.

It also introduces new integrations for popular Java technologies, like Netty in Spring 2, making it easier to work with XRebel -- no matter your environment.

New to XRebel? Take the Tour!

Whether you are using XRebel for the first time or a frequent user of XRebel, we highly encourage you to try out the XRebel tour. It will walk you through using XRebel in a demo environment, providing context for the different features available. This will empower new XRebel users to better understand the information provided in XRebel, and existing users will likely find out something that they didn’t know about the product!

It's easy to access the XRebel tour. If it is your first time using XRebel, the tour splash will appear the first time you open the application, allowing you to start the tour. If you have used XRebel before, you can use the tour by simply going to Settings after you have installed XRebel 2020.3.1+ in your application. From Settings, go to About and click “Take a tour” to get started.

Support for Netty in Spring Boot 2

As mentioned above, XRebel adds support for Reactor Netty in Spring 2. This improvement helps to make Spring Boot 2 a fully-supported framework for XRebel.

Other New Features and Updated Support

XRebel 2020.3.1 also adds support for Hibernate 5.1+, making it easier than ever to detect inefficiencies within Hibernate ORM.

Bug Fixes and Usability Improvements

XRebel 2020.3.1 introduces a number of bug fixes, including a Javaassist exception in Hibernate, and UI issues related to horizontal scroll.

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