March 25, 2020

JRebel 2020.2 Adds Support for Java 14

Product Updates

JRebel 2020.2 is now available for download! It introduces support for Java 14, IntelliJ 2020.1, GraalVM (JVMCI), and more!

You can download the latest JRebel version by clicking the button below, or continue reading for more details on updated support and new features in JRebel 2020.2.


JRebel 2020.2 Features

The JRebel 2020.2 release introduces:

  • Support for Java 14
  • Support for GraalVM (JVMCI)
  • Support for IntelliJ 2020.1
  • Improved support for VarHandles

JRebel Support for Java 14

JRebel 2020.2 introduces full support for Java 14, including switch expressions, text blocks, records, and more.

Take full advantage of the new features in Java 14, and skip redeploys with JRebel!

JRebel Support for GraalVM (JVMCI)

JRebel 2020.2 introduces support for GraalVM. With GraalVM helping developers start up applications faster, and JRebel skipping redeploys, this is a winning combination for Java developers.

Support for IntelliJ 2020.1

JRebel 2020.2 introduces support for the IntelliJ 2020.1. Skip redeploys straight from the IDE with the JRebel IntelliJ plugin.

Improved Support for VarHandles

JRebel 2020.2 adds improved support for the java.lang.Object VarHandle, making it easier to work with JRebel while using VarHandle objects.

Additional Information on JRebel 2020.2

JRebel 2020.2 Changelog

The full JRebel 2020.2 changelog is available here.

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What’s New in JRebel 2020.2

For an abridged look at the JRebel 2020.2 release notes, visit our What’s New in JRebel page.

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