June 3, 2020

New Features in JRebel 2020.2.2 and XRebel 2020.2.0

Product Updates

It has been a busy few weeks here at JRebel as we have released updates for JRebel and XRebel – both of which introduce numerous new features and improvements! In our blog today, we will take a closer look at some of the major changes and discuss the new combined JRebel and XRebel combined plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

JRebel Eclipse Plugin Adds Integrated XRebel Support

One of the most exciting features in these two new releases is the combination of the JRebel and XRebel plugin for Eclipse. For developers who want a truly streamlined development experience, this feature makes it easier than ever to work simultaneously with JRebel and XRebel. Better yet, it allows for quick toggling between the two plugins if developers need to use one, both, or neither tool in a given circumstance.

New Features and Updates in XRebel 2020.2.0

XRebel 2020.2.0 is the second major release for XRebel this year, and adds a lot of wonderful new user-focused features and improvements.

Support for Java 13 and Java 14

XRebel 2020.2.0 now supports Java 13 and Java 14, and is compatible with the latest Java language features.

New Ways to Share

Finding bugs is easy with XRebel, but communicating the exact issue to your fellow developers can be a challenge. With XRebel 2020.2.0, we added several new features that improve the sharing functionality present within XRebel, making it easier to share and contextualize issues.

Add Notes in Sharing View

With this new feature, developers can quickly add notes to the XRebel sharing view. This makes it easier to document specific issues and to contextualize the issue for others working on the project.

Compare Saved Traces in Sharing View

Documenting performance comparisons between approaches in XRebel used to be a multi-step process. This new feature makes it easy to compare saved traces head to head for easier sharing and analysis.

Preservation of Sharing State

Previously, sharing didn’t preserve tree state, making it harder to duplicate the desired experience upon share. With this update, sharing preserves tree state, and shows which nodes were expanded at the time of capture.

Remote Server Alerts

One of the cooler new features for XRebel in this update is the new alert notification that shows developers when they can add XRebel to a remote server, and when XRebel is on a remote server, but not activated.


Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

XRebel 2020.2.0 also features improvements for user experience, performance, and bug fixes focused on giving developers better clarity into trace data, and a better overall experience with XRebel.

UX and Performance Improvements

Improvements include better clarity for the comparison feature in CPU view, updates to the collapsed traces style, and improved load time for Diff in certain cases.

Bug Fixes

XRebel 2020.2.0 also fixed a number of known and reported bugs, including user interface, logging, and date calculation issues.

See Full Changelog

The complete changelog for XRebel 2020.2.0 can be found here, and includes further details on bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features and Updates in JRebel 2020.2.2

In our recent JRebel 2020.2.2 release, we focused on adding support for new versions of popular Java, as well as integrating our distributed tracing tool, XRebel, into our JRebel Eclipse plugin.

Support for Spring Boot 2.3 and Spring Integration 5.3

JRebel 2020.2.2 introduces support for Spring Boot 2.3, the latest release from the framework masters at Spring. Spring Boot, when combined with JRebel, can be one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get a dependable Java application spun up. This version also added support for Spring Integration 5.3, the latest release of the Spring messaging module.

Other Support Updates

This latest version of JRebel also introduced support for GWT 2.9, tc Server 4.1, Tomcat versions 8.4.54 and 9.0.34, WebSphere Liberty, Google App Engine 1.9.80, Camel 3.2, Jackson 2.11, Azul Zing 20.03, Jetty 9.4.28, and OpenWebBeans 2.0.16.

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

Our developers also targeted some bugs with this release, fixing several known issues with Hibernate, Spring and WebLogic. For performance, we improved reloading time with Weld on WebSphere by eliminating an issue causing excessive JAR file scanning.

See Full Changelog

The complete changelog for JRebel 2020.2.2 is available here, and includes further details on bug fixes and performance improvements.

Additional Resources

For full details and changelogs, or to download the JRebel 2020.2.2 and XRebel 2020.2.0 releases, please visit the links below.



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