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January 14, 2021

New Features in JRebel 2021.1.0 and XRebel 2021.1.0

Product Updates

The JRebel and XRebel team have been hard at work on the newest releases of Rebel. Meet JRebel 2021.1.0 and XRebel 2021.1.0—both of which add increased support, bug fixes, and usability improvements.


JRebel 2021.1.0

This is the first release for JRebel this year. Highlights of this release include support for Jetty 10, Hibernate Validator 6.2, and Jackson 2.12, as well as fixes for better integration with Spring Framework, Swagger, and Hibernate ORM.

Updated Support for New Java Technology Versions

JRebel 2021.1.0 also updates support for a variety of application servers, frameworks, and other Java technologies, including:

  • Camel
  • Hibernate Validator
  • Jackson
  • REST Easy
  • Jetty
  • Google App Engine
  • Payara
  • TomEE
  • Tomcat
  • WebSphere
  • Wildfly

Bug Fixes and Usability Improvements

The JRebel team has also been hard at work improving the customer experience. JRebel 2021.1.0 features a number of improvements and bug fixes that help to make using JRebel a polished experience.

Download JRebel 2021.1.0

Ready to take advantage of the latest JRebel — and Java — have to offer? Click the link below to download JRebel 2021.1.0 today.

Download JRebel 2021.1.0  View Changelog

XRebel 2021.1.0

In addition to JRebel 2021.1.0, we have a new update to XRebel, our distributed tracing tool. XRebel 2021.1.0 adds exciting usability functions and support for Java 15.

Microservices Updates

XRebel 2021.1.0 now supports the ability to monitor your Vert.x applications. This means that any development team that is actively working with Vert.x in their environments can now use XRebel freely being able to see how their application communicates within the microservices used. Vert.x( is a reactive application framework that is run on a Java Virtual Machine.

Usability Improvements

XRebel 2021.1.0 adds an option to open XRebel standalone through the browser. You can now open up your standalone view for XRebel through the XRebel toolbar. This makes it easier for developers working in web services like REST API or SOAP the ability to quickly view the standalone view from the toolbar. We also updated the feedback to be displayed on the bottom right hand of the browser—so feel free to message us with your feedback on XRebel.

Java Technologies Support

XRebel has also added support for Java 15, keeping support for the latest version of Java available. View your application’s performance for the latest features in Java 15, including Records, Text Blocks, Hidden Classes, and the Sealed Classes preview feature.

XRebel also implemented support for Netty HTTP, which is commonly used for a number of different microservice frameworks and was highly requested amongst potential XRebel users.

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