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April 8, 2021

New Features in JRebel 2021.2.0 and XRebel 2021.2.0

Java Tools

The JRebel and XRebel team have been hard at work on the newest releases of Rebel. Meet JRebel 2021.2.0 and XRebel 2021.2.0—featuring JRebel support for Java 16 and a time savings calculator for XRebel.

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JRebel 2021.2.0

Since the Java 16 release earlier in 2021, the Rebel team has been working to ensure JRebel supports the updates and changes in the Java ecosystem. You will see that we have continued this into the JRebel 2021.2.0 release.

Java 16

Oracle release Java SE 16 on March 16, 2021. JRebel has already added support for the latest Java version with this release.

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IntelliJ 2021.1

Because the most regularly updated tool for most developers is their IDE, it's important to ensure your version of JRebel supports your IDE. The first major release of IntelliJ in 2021 has been released, and JRebel has now updated the JRebel IntelliJ plugin to support this new version of IntelliJ. 

Download JRebel 2021.2.0

Ready to take advantage of the latest JRebel — and Java — have to offer? Click the link below to download JRebel 2021.2.0 today.

Download JRebel 2021.2.0   View Changelog

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XRebel 2021.2.0

XRebel 2021.2.0 is ready for Java developers everywhere to get an understanding of the performance of their application in development. In this release, we have a major update, with XRebel adding a Time Savings view as you develop your application.

Time Savings

One of the major benefits of XRebel is the ability to catch performance issues in development instead of CI/CD or even production. We wanted to display this for users to calculate the savings that XRebel is providing. Our calculator shows any XRebel user the amount of time they are saving by addressing performance issues earlier on in the software development lifecycle.

Micronaut Support

XRebel over the last several releases has been working towards supporting a variety of different microservices environments. We are proud to add Micronaut to that list. With the release of XRebel 2021.2.0, we have added support for Micronaut 2.1+. This will allow developers writing code in Micronaut to use XRebel freely to monitor the performance of their application as they develop and run their application.

Download XRebel 2021.2.0

Ready to see what XRebel 2021.2.0 has to offer? Click the link before to download today.

Download XRebel 2021.2.0   View Changelog

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