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July 6, 2021

New Features in JRebel 2021.3.0 and XRebel 2021.3.0

Java Tools

The JRebel and XRebel team have been hard at work on the newest releases of Rebel. Meet JRebel 2021.3.0 and XRebel 2021.3.0. With the JRebel 2021.3.0 release, we will see support for Vaadin 20.0, SpringBoot 2.5, and Glassfish 6.1. With the XRebel 2021.3.0 release, we will see support added for Java 16 and MongoDB 4.

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JRebel 2021.3.0

With this latest update, we see a number of new supported technologies.

Vaadin 20.0

With Vaadin being released at the beginning of June, JRebel comes in with support the very next month. Vaadin 20.0 has added support for Gradle as well as Spring Security helpers. JRebel will continue to be able to reflect changes made to your new Vaadin applications.

Spring Boot 2.5

JRebel has continued to be a consistent option for developers writing code in SpringBoot. We find developers saving consistent time in their applications as they are developing using JRebel within their microservice application written in SpringBoot. We continue to maintain support for the latest SpringBoot versions to allow those using JRebel to be able to freely update their applications to the latest technologies available.

Download JRebel 2021.3.0

Ready to take advantage of the latest JRebel — and Java — have to offer? Click the link below to download JRebel 2021.3.0 today.

Download JRebel 2021.3.0   View Changelog

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XRebel 2021.3.0

With the release of XRebel 2021.3.0, you will see a number of new technologies supported with this release.

Java 16

With Java 16 now available to Java developers, we now support Java 16 for XRebel. This means that the applications you are running on JDK 16 will be able to see a full breakdown of all the time spent making each request and each DB query called by your application.

MongoDB 4 Support

XRebel now supports displaying MongoDB 4 requests. This means that as your application makes requests in MongoDB 4 you will be able to see the number of calls being made, how long each of them are taking and how they are impacting the performance of your application. Now you can update your application to MongoDB 4 and make sure you are efficiently implementing it in your code with XRebel today.

Download XRebel 2021.3.0

Ready to see what XRebel 2021.3.0 has to offer? Click the link below to download today.

Download XRebel 2021.3.0   View Changelog

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