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October 5, 2021

New Features in JRebel 2021.4.0

Product Updates

JRebel 2021.4.0 is now available for download. This latest release adds support for Java 17, introduces support for NetBeans 12.5, and adds a slew of new features and improvements to standalone and plugin versions of the JRebel client.

Support for Java 17

The banner feature for JRebel 2021.4.0 is support for the latest Java LTS release, Java 17. Java 17, of course, has added a number of language features and improvements, but has also introduced a handful of deprecations and removals – with all of those changes now compatible with JRebel via version 2021.4.0.

Netbeans 12.5 Support

As we noted in our recent blog, Netbeans 12.x versions have added a good deal of functionality to the free and open source IDE. The JRebel plugin has followed suit, with JRebel 2021.4.0 providing another layer of productivity improvements for those working with NetBeans 12.5.

Another improvement for the JRebel for NetBeans plugin is the ability to add log files when requesting support.

Users can download the latest version of the JRebel NetBeans plugin by visiting our listing on the NetBeans Plugin Portal, or within the NetBeans IDE by following the instructions listed.

IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse IDE Support Updates

JRebel 2021.4.0 has also added support for the latest versions of IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse, with the JRebel plugin now supporting IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.2 and Eclipse 2021-09.

Both have also received an improvement to the support ticket experience, allowing users to attach external log files to their tickets.

Other Additions and Improvements

Other notable support additions in JRebel 2021.4.0 include support for Grails 5; GlassFish 6.2.1; Resin 4.0.65; Payara 5.2021.7; TomEE 8.0.8; tc Server 4.0.22 and 4.1.10; Tomcat 8.5.71, 9.0.53 and 10.0.11; WebSphere Liberty Profile; Jackson 2.13; Axis2 1.8; ZK 9.6; Spring Data REST 3.5; and Vaadin 21.

Download JRebel 2021.4.0

Ready to download JRebel 2021.4.0? Users can download JRebel 2021.4.0 via the JRebel download page.


For a full list of changes, improvements, and bug fixes in JRebel 2021.4.0, please visit the JRebel changelog.