What type of data is in the files asked by support? Is any of our source code or other sensitive information included?

No, files asked by support do not contain your source code, although might contain some class info (specified below). The two files commonly asked by support (and automatically sent if you use the IDE built-in support dialog) are the JRebel Agent log (jrebel.log) and the JRebel IDE plugin log (e.g. jrebel-eclipse.log).

JRebel Agent log contains runtime information about JRebel Agent loading and instrumenting your classes (e.g. which class was loaded from where and by which class loader), your rebel.xml configuration, licensing info, information about your environment (e.g. JVM arguments), and log of all activities performed by JRebel Agent, e.g. reloading a class or reloading framework configuration. If you set log level to "trace", then JRebel Agent log will additionally contain class info, including superclass info, method names, field names, annotations, annotation values.

JRebel IDE plugin log contains information about user's activity with the JRebel plugin, e.g. it contains a log about communication with JRebel remote servers.

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