JRebel License Server is GDPR compliant. You can enable or disable data reporting at any time. You have the right to be forgotten.


Why does License Server need my data?

License Server collects and processes various usage and environment data for product improvements, support and account management purposes. Additionally, administrator and team lead email addresses are collected and processed for onboarding and user education. We might reach out to administrators for product updates and feedback.

How does License Server collect this data?

Upon collection, information is sent to a data collection service for storage and analysis. Your personal data is not shared with any third parties. The processing of your personal data is based on your consent. If you disagree, no personally identifiable data about you will be processed.

What kind of data does License Server collect?

Personal information processed by the License Server includes the email addresses of License Server Administrator Console users. You can revoke this consent at any time from Configuration > My Profile.

The legal basis for data processing is your consent.

Additionally, the following details about your License Server instance are reported: license information and usage data, License Server usage statistics, licensed product usage statistics, server configuration and server environment. The reporting of overall License Server metrics can be disabled from Configuration > Miscellaneous Settings.

Why should I agree to have License Server collect my data?

Agreeing to data processing will enable the License Server team to help with product onboarding and provide better technical support.

Data controller details

For the data processing described above, the controller is:

Rogue Wave Software, Inc.

1315 West Century Drive, Suite 150
Louisville, CO 80027
Toll-free: 800-487-3217
Local: 303-473-9118
Fax: 303-473-9137

Data processors

The data processor for JRebel data is Mixpanel, Inc.