ZeroTurnaround Acquires Javeleon, Denmark loses Top Developers to Estonia

It’s big news for the ZeroTurnaround team today--our first acquisition! We are very happy to announce that ZeroTurnaround has acquired Javeleon and it’s intellectual property. The best part is that the two founders of Javeleon, Allan Gregersen and Michael Rasmussen, have even relocated to Estonia to join forces with the teams that bring you JRebel and LiveRebel, continuing to drive the best productivity tools in the market.

“We are thrilled to be joining the ZeroTurnaround team, and excited to dive right in and help integrate the Javeleon technology with the JRebel product line,” said Allan. “We have admired the ZeroTurnaround success story for years, and we believe our involvement will positively impact ZeroTurnaround’s future growth.”

Javeleon was founded in 2012 to commercialize technology built upon research done at the Maersk McKinney Moeller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark. Allan (who sports a fancy Ph.D. degree from the same University) and Michael have been doing research on dynamic updating for many years.

“I’m excited to have Allen and Michael on the engineering team, which has grown to over 40 as of February 2013,” said ZeroTurnaround’s CEO and Founder, Jevgeni Kabanov. “And you know me...if ZeroTurnaround’s acquisition of Javeleon wasn’t going to lead to cool new technologies and increased happiness for our thousands of customers worldwide, it never would have happened!”

Check out the full press release. You might be thinking, “What does this mean for the future of ZeroTurnaround’s technology?” Well, you’ll have to wait and see, maybe even check back in on our blog once in a while for updates. However, we can say that we welcome this opportunity to work with Allan and Michael, and we know our customers will be equally happy with the results. Oh, last thing: if you are interested in being a beta tester of any new technology that this new acquisition will result in please sign up and continue to rock the code.

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