In this collection of Java resources, we collect all our helpful resources into one convenient place, including Java cheat sheets, Java programming resources, and other Java developer resources.

If you are a JRebel or XRebel user, we will also provide resources on how to get the most out of JRebel so you can save as much time as possible — wherever you may be working.

JRebel Developer Resources

The resources in this section are designed to help users get the most out of our Java productivity tools, JRebel and XRebel. For full support documentation for JRebel and XRebel, please visit the links below.

  • JRebel Support Documentation – Get full support documentation for JRebel, including supported Java technologies, installation guides, and troubleshooting materials.
  • XRebel Support Documentation – XRebel support documentation includes a list of supported technologies and features resources for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting XRebel.

JRebel Remote Configuration Resources

Whether you are working on-premise, on a virtual machine, remote server, or offline, JRebel can give the same time-saving benefits for your team. The resources below will help you and your team stay productive with JRebel while working remotely.

Remote Server Configuration Guides

Configuring JRebel for remote server and virtual machine use is as easy as following these guides:

Need support during your configuration? Email our team — we are here to help!

Remote Licenses for JRebel and XRebel

Working remotely with JRebel is easy, regardless of your license time. This blog on JRebel for remote machines breaks down the licensing options you have, and how you can use JRebel or XRebel offline.

Configuring JRebel for Cloud Services

Developing in the cloud(s)? JRebel supports many popular cloud services, including AWS, Bluemix and Cloud Foundry. If you’re getting started with setup, these guides can help you through the process

JRebel Troubleshooting Resources

Having issues with JRebel? We have a variety of JRebel troubleshooting resources available to help – and we’re always happy to chat if you need further assistance!

Helpful Java Resources for Application Performance

Any developer can make an application, but it takes a metered and careful approach to create an application that performs well both at baseline and at scale. To help developers, our Java experts work tirelessly to create new guides and resources for improving Java performance. 

Whether that’s a guide to solving simple N+1 issues (like in the video below), or using resilience patterns in complex microservices applications, our guides offer insight into how developers can develop better performing applications before they reach production.

Java Performance Articles

Java Performance White Papers

Java Performance Webinars and Videos

Helpful Java Cheat Sheets

Our collection of Java cheat sheets makes using Java and Java technologies a breeze. Our Java experts have put together a selection of free, one-page cheat sheets that you can use to keep commonly-used keyboard shortcuts and techniques close at hand.

Image Resource IntelliJ IDEA Cheat Sheet

Download IntelliJ Cheat Sheet

Java Language Cheat Sheets

If you’re working with Java 8, Java 9, or one of these popular language features in Java, these cheat sheets can help you with syntax and basic concepts.

  • Java 8 Cheat Sheet – This Java 8 cheat sheet includes sections on Default methods, Lambdas, and more.
  • Java 9 Modules Cheat Sheet – See how to manage modules, and the various command line options needed to work with them in this cheat sheet.
  • Java Collections Cheat Sheet – This Java collections cheat sheet gives an easy-to-scan overview of Java collection capabilities and libraries.
  • JVM Options Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet gives a one-page guide to standard, non-standard, and advanced options in the JVM.
  • Java Streams Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet looks at streams, parallel streams, and useful operations for working with Java Streams.
  • Java Regex Cheat Sheet – From character classes, to patterns and matchers, this cheat sheet covers all the essentials for working with Java regular expressions.
  • Java Generics Cheat Sheet – With basics, wildcards, PECS, and covariance and contravariance visualizations, this guide helps developers to work with Java generics.

Java Technology Cheat Sheets

Working with Docker, Spring, or SQL? These Java technology cheat sheets can help you to remember the various commands and annotations needed to interface with these technologies.

  • Git Cheat Sheet – Working with Git? This cheat sheet gives all the useful commands you need on one a one-page pdf.
  • Docker Commands Cheat Sheet – Get useful one-liners, commands, and compose syntax for Docker with this one-page cheat sheet.
  • JUnit Cheat Sheet – Get the assertions, assumptions, resolutions, and useful code annotations and snippets for working with Junit.
  • SQL Cheat Sheet – From basic queries, to utility functions, our SQL cheat sheet includes useful information to make using SQL easier.
  • Maven Options Cheat Sheet – Working with Maven? This cheat sheet looks at useful command line options, essential plugins, and more.
  • Spring Annotations Cheat Sheet – If you’re working in Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, or Spring Framework, this annotations cheat sheet will make your life easier.
  • RxJava Cheat Sheet –  See the basic of RxJava, including classes, observables, RxBindings and data processing functions in this one-page cheat sheet.

Java IDE Cheat Sheets

Whether you’re working with IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans, our cheat sheets give you the keyboard shortcuts you need to get quickly navigate these Java IDEs.

Not sure which IDE to use? Find out in our guide to the best Java IDEs.