In Java, more developers are working within microservices-based applications than ever before. Alongside this shift in application architecture, Java developers are increasingly tasked with troubleshooting performance issues during development.

That means developers not only need to understand the code they write for an individual service, they need to understand both how that service is affecting other services at the application level, and how to avoid performance issues at scale.

About the Developer’s Guide to Microservices Performance

In our Developer’s Guide to Microservices Performance white paper, we discuss the unique ways in which microservices, especially those in containers such as Docker and/or Kubernetes, can cause unexpected performance issues — with a focus on common inter-service performance problems, and resilience patterns that can help to decrease the chance of cascading and catastrophic failures. 

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Download our white paper today to see how developers can improve performance and resiliency in containerized microservices applications by leveraging techniques like:

  • Service Throttling 
  • Database Caching 
  • Asynchronous Calls 
  • Database Connection Pools 
  • Resiliency Patterns  

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