ZeroTurnaround Announces 4th Annual Developer Productivity Report

Study Delivers Dev Blueprint for Software Release Quality and Predictability

Boston - Sep 23, 2013 - ZeroTurnaround, the company that’s helping software eat the world faster, announced today the availability of its fourth annual Developer Productivity Report. Unlike previous reports, the 2013 Developer Productivity Report zeros in on software quality and release predictability in development teams. The study analyzes the responses of 1,006 software engineers from across the globe and takes a scientific approach to analyze which Tools/Technologies and industry ‘Best Practices’ are truly the most effective in the field, plus which toolset rock star software development teams have in their arsenal. Here are 5 key findings from the report:

Work on Code Quality - Fixing code quality issues increases software quality by up to 7 percent, and the predictability of your releases by up to 9 percent.

Automate functional testing - Automating tests increases your software quality by up to 9 percent and predictability of your release by up to 12 percent.

Encourage developers to Pair Up - Having developers pair up increases software quality by up to 7 percent.

Estimate tasks as a team - How does the task estimation influence release predictability? When done as a team there is an increase (+6 percent), whereas involving the management drops it (-6 percent).

Specific tools improve predictability - Predictability of releases increases when teams use Version Control (+9 percent), IDEs (+8 percent), Continuous Integration servers (+5 percent) -- four specific tools that increase predictability are JRebel (+8 percent), Jenkins (+4 percent), Bamboo (+4% percent) and Confluence (+3 percent). 

“We are happy to be an official JRebel reseller as we see a huge sales potential in the German-speaking market. JRebel is an easy to use and well accepted Java tool that we are happy to provide to our customers. We love Zeroturnaround´s excellent reseller support that allows us to sell JRebel in a very effective and highly professional way in Germany.” – Oliver Schnapka, CEO of Compuwave

To download the full report with details on the methodology, all the findings from the study, in-depth analysis and beautifully-designed graphs, please visit: /rebellabs/developer-productivity-report-2013-how-engineering-tools-practices-impact-software-quality-delivery/.

About the 2013 ZeroTurnaround Developer Productivity Report

The 2013 ZeroTurnaround Developer Productivity Report is a reflection of the opinions of 1,006 responses. The report focuses on software quality and predictability. When measuring the quality of software, we looked at the frequency of critical or blocker bugs discovered after release. When analyzing the predictability of software delivery we examined delays in releases, execution of planned requirements, and in-process changes. After ascertaining that quality and predictability where two areas in which data could be gathered, we continued with further analysis based on tools used, practices employed and industry and company size. Respondents to the study represent a disproportionate bias towards software/technology companies as well as Java as a programming language.

You can also read the original press release. To find out more about JRebel and XRebel, two revolutionary tools for developing quality software faster, just make a clicky-sound on the words above.

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