ZeroTurnaround Releases New Version of its Lightweight Java Profiler, XRebel

XRebel 2.0 Brings Application Profiling to the Development Workflow

BOSTON – April 9, 2015 ZeroTurnaround, the maker of revolutionary developer tools for creating quality software faster, today announced the release of XRebel 2.0, the newest version of its Java profiler featuring application performance profiling built directly into the development workflow.

With XRebel 2.0, Java developers have greater insight into the performance of their web applications to catch errors and identify and correct other performance pitfalls during development, rather than in production when code changes are more costly and difficult. XRebel’s ability to find and fix dangerous production-class problems while coding gives Java developers an edge and enables them to bring higher-quality software to market faster.

Application profiling in XRebel 2.0 measures and displays the performance of Java code and delivers the following enhancements to the feature set: [list] Immediate performance overview for each request Time distribution within a request Indication of the slowest methods Threshold alerts for slow requests “XRebel was designed with three goals in mind: to understand performance, improve quality and reduce rework,” said Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround.

“With XRebel 2.0 we’ve given developers an even more robust and user-friendly lightweight Java profiler to better understand their codebase and do their jobs more efficiently.” XRebel 2.0 features extensive usability improvements that helps with profiling large enterprise Java applications. Developers are provided with visually comprehensive and concise results and a hierarchical view of the executed code to understand time relationships between method calls. This approach provides the benefit of immediate insight into the performance characteristics of the application. Along with the improved display of large data sets and the ability to handle very large HTTP sessions, XRebel 2.0 works well with all major application servers and development environments and does not require tedious configuration. Instead, XRebel displays alerts in the user’s browser via a simple widget.

Since its market introduction in June 2014, XRebel has received much fanfare and endorsement from Java developers and managers around the world. Enterprise teams at Atlassian, Cigna, Nikon, Nortel and Red Hat are just a few of the companies that turn to XRebel to speed development efforts and produce quality code. Users cite improved quality of their offerings, speed of deliverables and less time and resources spent on problem resolution as the key benefits to using the product. Adoption of XRebel has been record-setting for ZeroTurnaround, culminating in more than 100 new users in the first three months of availability and is on pace to exceed 1,000 users by its one-year anniversary. To learn more about XRebel, watch a video demonstration, or download a free trial, go to: /software/xrebel/

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ZeroTurnaround makes revolutionary developer tools for creating quality software faster. With its award-winning JRebel and XRebel products, ZeroTurnaround is transforming how software is created, enabling development teams to build, inspect and error-proof quality software with considerably less downtime. Founded in 2007, today ZeroTurnaround’s technologies are used by more than 5,200 enterprise teams, including 36 of the Fortune 100, representing more than 65,000 active users in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit or follow @jrebel_java on Twitter

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