ZeroTurnaround Sees Strong Demand for XRebel Interactive Java Profiler

ZT Surpasses 100 Customers Milestone in Less than Three Months; Popularity of New Product Illustrates the Growing Interest in Code-Level Testing and Alerts

BOSTON – Sept. 23, 2014 – ZeroTurnaround, the maker of revolutionary tools for developing quality software faster, today announced strong demand for its new product, XRebel.  Since its general availability launch on June 12, 2014, the always-on, interactive Java profiler has received enthusiastic interest from Java development teams, culminating in more than 100 new organizations in 33 countries becoming users in less than three months. With a steadfast commitment to designing products that help developers be more productive, ZeroTurnaround’s newest tool is the only product on the market that enables the entire development team to continuously test changes as they code. XRebel’s ability to find and fix production issues while coding gives developers an edge and enables them to create higher quality software faster. 

For organizations with limited time and budget for training, XRebel also provides a way to help developers improve rapidly, as they receive continuous feedback and learn as they are coding.  Development teams employing XRebel realize improved quality and faster development cycles, since less time and resources need to be allocated to problem resolution and rework. XRebel early adopters are seeing quick returns. 

The insights provided by XRebel enabled the development team at ICON Health & Fitness to immediately avoid a large production issue in its customer service application, skirting data corruption and application downtime.  By bringing XRebel into the application stack, ICON can now find and fix problems on the fly.  “It’s become part of what we use, just like JRebel,” said Casey Doolittle, Solutions Architect at ICON.  “It just runs.” The team at independent software vendor (ISV) Antea found XRebel to be a welcome alternative to traditional profilers due to its ease-of-use, speed, and round-the-clock availability.  “XRebel gives us a great view into our system right as it happens, saving us a lot of time,” said Federico Russo, Java Development Manager at Antea.

With the XRebel interactive Java profiler, developers can find and fix:

HTTP session bloat and leaks SQL/NoSQL databases and Web Services inefficiencies and time sinks Hidden exceptions that might get ignored in development 

“Like our widely popular JRebel product, XRebel was designed to be user-friendly and help developers do their jobs more efficiently,” said Jevgeni Kabanov, CEO and Founder of ZeroTurnaround.  “With XRebel, developers are empowered to catch production-level issues as they code, and to better understand their codebase so that they can create higher-quality code faster.  The market reception has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Version 1.1 of the XRebel interactive profiler supports popular application servers and browsers, as well as applications accessing a wide range of data sources:

Application Servers 

WebSphere WebLogic Tomcat JBoss EAP / WildFly Jetty GlassFish

Data Sources

SQL - MySQL, Oracle DB, DB2, Derby (aka JavaDB), H2, HSQLDB, Informix, SQLite, MS SQL Server, jTDS NoSQL - MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Neo4j, HBase Calls via Web Services‏ - RESTful, WSDL, XML-RPC and other HTTP-based 


Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer

To learn more about XRebel, watch a video demonstration, or download a free trial, go to /software/xrebel/.  ZeroTurnaround can also be found at booth #5507 during the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2014.

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