Create License Administrator Account

  1. You will receive an email invitation to manage your licenses after you have purchased JRebel and/or XRebel.
  2. Click the Manage your licenses link in the email.
  3. Choose a password and click Activate.
  4. Dashboard view opens when the administrator account creation was successful.

Manage Teams

  1. Open Teams > Add team.
  2. Specify the team details. We highly recommend specifying a team lead – they can share licenses with their team and manage team members.
  3. Press Add team.

Good to know

We recommend creating teams that mirror your development teams or departments. The dedicated team lead has control only over the teams that have been assigned to them.

Invite Users

  1. Open Teams and find the desired team.
  2. Press Invite users next to the team title.
  3. Add the email addresses one by one and press Send invite when done.
  4. An email with the Team URL will be sent to each invited user. Team URL page contains all the needed instructions for installing and activating JRebel and/or XRebel.