One of the app servers that we see quite often is IBM WebSphere. It has been around for quite a while, since 1998, and it boasts an impressive feature set. It’s scalable, has solid and supported implementations of the Java EE JSRs and Enterprise OSGi, and is an industry standard. However, on the development side, WebSphere is kind of slow for the normal developer use case, and Java EE applications can be large and unwieldy. Most of the features that make WebSphere so great for production environments often go unused or even misconfigured in development.

How to Keep Using Java EE and Keep Using WebSphere

There's a way to keep using Java EE and keep using WebSphere, but completely eliminate the downtime from redeploys. JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to more interactively test their code without sitting through the hurry-up-and-wait rebuild/redeploy cycle for their applications and application servers.

How Much Time Can JRebel Save WebSphere Users?

Did you know that JRebel saves the median WebSphere developer over three hours of coding time each week? Get a personalized ROI estimate for your team by visiting the JRebel ROI calculator today!

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Websphere users are the perfect candidates for the redeployment time savings that JRebel provides. See what JRebel can do for your productivity with a free, 10-day trial.