Java, the language and the platform, owes much of its fame and longevity to the libraries, frameworks, and tools which together make up its ecosystem. No other programming language has been able to match the support that a rich ecosystem like the JVM has achieved. It’s extremely important to understand how the ecosystem exists today, as well as its history. This way we can extract trends and patterns to understand the direction in which we are heading.

The 2021 Java Developer Productivity Report is now available for download.

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Understanding the Landscape in Java, the JVM, and its Ecosystem

This report sets out to understand the current landscape in Java, the JVM, and its ecosystem, including JVM languages, application servers, build tools, Java and Java EE adoption, microservices architectures, web frameworks, performance tooling, Agile processes, and much more. The goal is to show you the raw data as well as profile which respondents are more likely to prefer certain tech over others based on their organization and other preferences. The report also looks forward, making predictions based on the data for what the landscape might look like in a couple more years.

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