From a production standpoint, Oracle WebLogic is a great choice and is the standard for most high-availability (due to the clustering and domain architecture), high-throughput industries where uptime and performance are the driving forces - such as finance, governments, healthcare, and Software As A Service providers.

Enterprise Scale at Startup Speed

However, programmers are always looking for hacks to speed up their development environments and the systems they code against. In the last few years, the forced downtime of using WebLogic and a full Java EE stack during the redeploy phase has become the new target for optimization by developers and their organizations. And the way to keep using Java EE and keep using WebLogic, but completely eliminate the downtime from redeploys is JRebel.

About the White Paper

Our white paper, Oracle WebLogic and JRebel, explores why developers struggle with WebLogic, and looks at how much time the average developer spends waiting on redeploys while using WebLogic. Additionally, we look at ways to improve or otherwise fix these issues during development.

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Time is money. Did you know that JRebel saves the median developer over three hours of coding time each week? Get a personalized ROI estimate for your team by visiting the JRebel ROI calculator today!

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