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Need help with JRebel or XRebel? Our team is ready to help! To email us with a support or billing request, please use the options below. For the best support experience for JRebel and XRebel IDE plugin users, we recommend using the request support option described at the bottom of the page.

Billing and Licenses

Have questions about billing, licenses, or need a quote for JRebel or XRebel?  Please ontact us via the email address below.

Technical Support

Need help with implementation, configuration, downloading, or other technical issues? Please contact us via the email addresses listed below.

Self-Service Support Resources

Browse our detailed support resources for JRebel and XRebel, including documentation, frequently asked questions, and the most recent changelogs.


Get step-by-step quick start guides for installing, configuring, and maintaining JRebel and XRebel for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions, visit our JRebel FAQ section.


See the latest JRebel and XRebel changelogs here.

Video Tutorials

Watch short how to videos on how to use JRebel.

JRebel and XRebel IDE Support

Need support for your JRebel/XRebel IDE plugin? Follow the instructions below to request support via the IDE, or visit our JRebel and XRebel for Eclipse and JRebel and XRebel solution pages.

Request Support Via IDE

If you’re working with the JRebel IDE plugin:

  1. Open Help > JRebel.
  2. Select Submit a Support Ticket.
  3. Fill out the form and press Send.

The IDE plugin will automatically attach product logs necessary for a quick resolution.

Once received, the support team will contact you via the email specified in the support ticket form.

JRebel and XRebel Plugins for Eclipse

As of JRebel 2020.2.2, the JRebel and XRebel plugins are now a combined experience for both IntelliJ IDEA and the Eclipse IDE. To learn more about the combined JRebel and XRebel plugin experience, please visit the pages linked below.

JRebel and XRebel

JRebel and XRebel for Eclipse