From their origins as chroots in the 1980’s, to the advanced applications they enable today, containers have become more accessible and increasingly applied to Java and non-Java applications alike. But just as containers present a growing wealth of opportunities for addressing big issues in modern application development, they also have notable shortcomings. So, how will containers evolve to cement their positive, transformative, and lasting legacy?

Join Rod Cope, CTO at Perforce Software, as he discusses:

  • The history and evolution of container technologies.
  • What problems containers solve (and create).
  • Why containers are so well-adopted.
  • How containers will continue to enable emerging approaches.

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Already working on a container-based application? This white paper goes over some of the ways you can improve performance while ensuring resiliency.

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About the Presenter

Rod Cope

Rod Cope
CTO, Perforce

Rod Cope is the CTO of Perforce. He provides technical vision and architectural leadership for the company’s globally distributed development teams. Based on his analysis of market events and trends, he also influences product direction and messaging.