Containers are a popular choice for microservices development due to their scalability and portability. However, the 2021 Java Developer Report shows that many developers may not be utilizing microservices and containers in the most effective way.

  • 47% of developers spend upwards of six minutes on remote deployment of containerized environments
  • 30% of developers struggle with troubleshooting inter-service functionality issues
  • 27% of developers spend 10 or more minutes on their CI/CD build

Join Rod Cope, CTO at Perforce Software, and Curtis Johnson, Product Manager at XRebel by Perforce, as they dive into these challenges and offer solutions. They’ll explore topics such as scaling microservices, communicating asynchronously between microservices, and improving performance using Docker and both XRebel and JRebel.

To see complete insights into microservices performance, download the 2021 Java Developer Productivity Report, referenced throughout this webinar.