Keeping Up with the Language and Planning for the Future

With the release of Java 10, the impact of Java 9, and the spread of multiple emerging technologies, the biggest questions for high-performing development teams is: How do we keep up and take advantage of the features relevant to us? Java experts, Toomas Romer and Rod Cope, discuss recent changes to the language and how they impact tools, development velocity, and the ability to innovate; along with industry insights to better plan for more complex systems, the inevitable modernization, and adapting to scale. You’ll learn:

  • Strengths and benefits of new language features
  • How to keep up with the Java six-month release cycle
  • Development hygiene tips to keep legacy apps running
  • Best practices to move to microservices

After attending this webinar, you will understand and be able to take advantage of modern Java features to better plan releases, speed innovation, and keep up with change.

Additional Resources

Looking for additional insight into recent JDKs? Our resource collection, Exploring New Features in Java, looks at changes to the language, JDK enhancement projects, and more.

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