Java as a language is poised for big changes.

OpenJDK adoption is at an all-time high, and the pace of JDK enhancement proposals are bringing proposed improvements and added functionality to the language faster than ever.

But are these proposed changes taking Java into a new renaissance era? Or will developers continue to hold out for the next Java 8?

JDK Enhancement Proposals and the State of OpenJDK in 2020

In this two-part webinar series, Michael Rasmussen, Java evangelist and Product Manager at JRebel, and Justin Reock, open source evangelist and Chief Architect at OpenLogic, will discuss the state of Java — including in-depth discussions on JDK Enhancement Proposals, the state of OpenJDK, and Oracle’s changing role within the Java ecosystem.

A Java Renaissance: JDK Enhancement Proposals

The first webinar of the series (above) featured discussions on:

  • The increased rate of JDK enhancement proposals.
  • How JDK enhancement proposals are shaping Java as a language.
  • What to expect in the upcoming JDK 14 release.

A Java Renaissance: OpenJDK in 2020

Part 2 of this Java Renaissance series covers:

  • OpenJDK adoption in 2020 and how it’s impacting dependent technologies.
  • How the OpenJDK release cycle is affecting the Java ecosystem.
  • The future of Java and the role OpenJDK will continue to play.

Watch Part 2

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