For companies who want to commit time and money into developing or modernizing an application, knowing that the underlying language and greater ecosystem are vibrant and poised for long-term viability is essential.

With that in mind, is Java — both as a language, and as an ecosystem — viable for long-term success?

The Long-Term Outlook for Java

Join Perforce CTO, Rod Cope, Perforce Chief Architect Justin Reock, and JRebel Product Manager, Curtis Johnson, as they discuss the short and long-term outlooks for Java and whether or not it’s a good choice for modern applications.

The Webinar Will Feature Discussions on:

  • How Java currently compares to other programming languages.
  • The quality of Java development technologies, and how they compare to other languages.
  • How a faster release cadence impacts development in Java.
  • The outlook for future improvements to Java as a language.
  • The suitability of Java to accommodate emerging trends in development.
  • Key takeaways for executives, architects, and product managers.


Additional Resources

What Java tools are trending? The 2020 Java Developer Productivity Report looks at the ideas, tools, and technologies Java developers are using to develop programs today and gives key insights into the problems they face during development. Click below to download the report or watch our webinar that discusses the key findings.

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