Finding the right Java tool can be hard — especially when making the choice between a commercial or open-source tool can have compound consequences during production.

Commercial vs Open-Source Tools in Java

Join Java experts Justin Reock, Chief Architect at OpenLogic, and Michael Rasmussen, JRebel Team Lead, for a discussion on popular tools within the Java ecosystem — and why both commercial and open-source tools can play an important role for developers, and within the landscape at large.

    Watch the Webinar

    In this webinar, Justin and Michael will discuss:

    • The Origin of Open-Source Technologies Within the Java Ecosystem
    • Popular Commercial Java Technologies and Their Open-Source Counterparts
    • Why These Technologies Can and Should Coexist Within the Java Ecosystem
    • Discussions on Jenkins vs Cloudbees, Kafka vs Confluent, and More

    You can view the full webinar above. 

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