Java had a big year in 2021 with the release of Java 17, where we saw sealed classes become a standard part of the language and said goodbye to the Security Manager JEP. Java 17’s entrance signals the beginning of another two year wait for the next LTS release. In the meantime, the Java community is constantly iterating, with incubator JEPs already planned for Java 18.

That being said, what can we expect from Java and its community in 2022? 

About the Webinar 

In this recorded webinar, Curtis Johnson, Product Manager for JRebel at Perforce, is joined by Sales Engineers Pavel Fol and Alex Pensavalle as well as Team Lead Michael Rasmussen to discuss their predictions for Java in the coming year, including:

  • Trends in the 2022 Java Developer Productivity Report 
  • Proposed changes to the Java LTS release cadence 
  • Larger trends within the Java ecosystem 

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Profile JRebel Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson

Product Manager for JRebel, Perforce Software

Curtis Johnson is a product manager at Perforce, where he spearheads the development and enhancement of JRebel. With a keen eye for optimizing software solutions, Curtis has consistently driven the evolution of JRebel to drive Java development productivity during his decade-long tenure. Under his guidance,  JRebel has solidified its position as a necessary solution in the Java ecosystem.

Image Author Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen

Team Lead, JRebel

Michael Rasmussen is a product manager for JRebel by Perforce, previously having worked more than 10 years on the core technology behind JRebel. Michael is a true geek at heart. His professional interests include everything Java, as well as other languages and technologies for the JVM, including an unhealthy obsession with java bytecode.

Image Author Pavel Fol

Pavel Fol

Solutions Consultant, JRebel by Perforce

Pavel is a Solutions Consultant at JRebel by Perforce. Pavel is passionate about helping Java development teams increase development efficiency with our tools, while providing continued support for ongoing success.

Alex Pensavalle Headshot

Alex Pensavalle

Solutions Engineer, JRebel

Alex Pensavalle has been a JRebel Solutions Engineer (and JRebel user) for over five years. As a product evangelist, he strives to deliver ‘Eureka!’ moments to customers, where they can truly experience the amazing capabilities of JRebel. When he is not helping users develop better Java applications, Alex enjoys making music, painting, and mountain biking.