Performance management is something that has been, and always will be, a part of the development lifecycle. Unfortunately, most of the attention, money, and effort is used in the later stages of the software development lifecycle.

For that fact, many teams and organizations spend a massive amount of time and resources using many management tools in those later stages. Not only does this become increasingly stressful and expensive, but it makes you wonder – can’t this be done before deployment?

Build Performance Quality in from the Beginning

Join JRebel Product Manager, Curtis Johnson, and Spencer Bos, JRebel Solutions Consultant, as they discuss doing exactly that with shift left performance testing.

The Webinar Will Include:

  • Highlighting the key features of the Rebel and Perfecto products in development and testing stages.
  • A live web application story, including solutions and best practices.
  • Walking through technical debt accrued from reactive performance management.

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Spencer Bos

Solutions Consultant, JRebel by Perforce

Spencer is a Solutions Consultant at JRebel by Perforce. Spencer is passionate about helping Java development teams increase development efficiency with our JRebel and XRebel tools, while providing continued support for ongoing success. Whether you are a developer or an architect, Spencer looks forward to any conversation about any of our Rebel products and how they can benefit your team.

Curtis Johnson

Product Manager, JRebel by Perforce

Curtis is the Product Manager for JRebel and XRebel at Perforce. A self-proclaimed "social nerd," Curtis loves helping developer teams see the benefit of our tools and ensure continual satisfaction with our applications.