July 13, 2022

Calculating ROI With JRebel 2022.3.0

Product Updates

This summer JRebel has released its latest version: 2022.3.0. In addition to integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Code and smaller bug fixes, JRebel has a new return on investment (ROI) calculator built into the plugin. See how it works and why it matters in this blog.

How to Use the JRebel ROI Tool

JRebel has some of the clearest ROI for any product in the Java community. The average Java developer today spends one month of time waiting on painful restarts and redeploys of their applications. With JRebel, you are eliminating that process, allowing every Java developer the ability to write code quicker and more efficiently.

We have improved the process to evaluate this throughout your Java team. With the purchase of JRebel for your Java application, you receive access to the JRebel ROI Calculator, which will give you a detailed breakdown of the time spent waiting for the server to restart.  Watch the video below to see how to access the JRebel ROI tool in-app.


How JRebel Saves Teams Time

According to the 2022 Java Developer Productivity Report, the average developer spends at least three minutes or more waiting for redeploys. This is time that otherwise could be spent adding new features, improving application performance, improving test coverage, or starting a new project. It is time that could be used getting your product to market faster.

With JRebel, those 3+ minutes are given back to the developer. JRebel decreases turnaround by instantly reloading changes to your code. This is done without having to restart the container or redeploy the application.

Productive Developers Are Happy Developers

Time wasted on redeploys not only lowers productivity, but also causes discontent among developers. In what is now called the “Great Resignation”, along with a general talent shortage, it is more important than ever to retain developers. One way to do this is to allow them to do what they love doing – developing. Waiting around for redeploys lowers productivity, decreases output, and impedes innovation.  

Watch ▶️ Solving the Java Developer Shortage  

Try JRebel 2022.3.0 Free

Teams can try JRebel free for fourteen days. JRebel seamlessly integrates with all of the top Java IDEs – IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code—and Java tools. Start your trial now and then check out your time savings and ROI in-app.