ZeroTurnaround Releases XRebel, the Always-On, Interactive Java Profiler

New offering enables developers to continuously test code changes to avoid production-class problems.

Boston - Jun 12, 2014 - ZeroTurnaround, the company helping software eat the world faster, today announced the general availability of the XRebel interactive Java Profiler, giving developers the ability to find and fix common problems as they code. Nobody wants to write bad code, and XRebel enables real-time alerts to potential issues before it is too late. ZeroTurnaround’s XRebel gives developers an edge to develop higher quality software faster.

“I'm very excited about XRebel because we solve a big problem in the market with a product that is innovative and easy to use. People love it. We have had over 500 beta users and the overwhelming majority of users surveyed said they would be interested in buying XRebel." – Jevgeni Kabanov, CEO and Founder of ZeroTurnaround

XRebel is the only product that enables Java developers to predict and solve potential production issues as they write their code. XRebel fills an unmet need for development managers who want to improve the quality of their offerings, speed up deliverables, and reduce firefighting. With XRebel, developers are empowered to catch more production-related errors before they commit code and to better understand their codebase. XRebel enables developers to continuously test and iterate on their code. Developers can catch errors, performance pitfalls, and learn as they code, instead of running a standalone profiler or a continuous integration profiler plug-in when the impact of code changes are less clear. With the new XRebel interactive Java profiler developers can find and fix:

HTTP session bloat and leaks SQL query inefficiencies and time sinks Hidden exceptions.

ZeroTurnaround XRebel Java profiler supports:

WebSphere WebLogic Tomcat JBoss/WildFly Jetty GlassFish 

Early customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our applications have been developed by multiple folks over decades, so we found some very interesting side effects right away from using XRebel, including 100’s of database queries on some pages, some surprisingly slow SQL, and a poor JSF memory footprint. Previously it would take a lot of time to detect these problems, now with XRebel we can do it on the fly,” said Petri Tuomaala, CTO of Elbit Oy in Finland, an XRebel customer. Although XRebel was just officially released for general availability today, beta users have already been purchasing XRebel with an early adopter discount. XRebel is priced at $365 per developer, but is available here for a limited time for $146 per developer via an early adopter discount program.

“We already have over 35,000 users of our JRebel product, and we expect to see similarly rapid adoption of XRebel as another easy-to-use tool that helps developers create better code, faster. We introduced the ability to pre-order during the beta period because we had demand from beta users who wanted to buy immediately,” – Debbie Moynihan, VP of Marketing of ZeroTurnaround

Quotes from Our Users: “XRebel is unbelievably cool,” said Veit Weber, ULC GmbH.“XRebel, take my money!” was tweeted by Federico Russo, Antea srl. “XRebel is my profile buddy!” said Howard Rafal of Broad Institute.

Online Resources:

Watch a 3 minute XRebel demo video. Download XRebel for a free trial evaluation. Attend our XRebel webinar hosted by Jevgeni Kabanov, CEO and Founder of ZeroTurnaround, on June 26th at 10 am EDT to learn more about XRebel.

You can also read the original press release. To find out more about JRebel and XRebel, two revolutionary tools for developing quality software faster, just make a clicky-sound on the words above.


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