Write Better Applications, Faster

By combining JRebel and XRebel, our Java developer kit gives development teams the ability to write better applications, faster.

With instant reloading of code changes, and the ability to track code performance across complex applications, the Java Productivity Toolkit gives developers a huge advantage during development.

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Increase Developer Productivity

Imagine what adding a week per year of development time per developer can do for your project. With our Java Productivity Toolkit, developers have more development time to make better applications and accelerate time to market.


Accelerate Time to Market

By saving time during Java software development and catching the errors that bring production to a standstill, our Java tool kit helps teams to increase sprint velocity by up to 40%.


Improve User Experience

Want to add another feature to your current sprint? With our Java dev kit, developers have more time to spend improving existing features – or adding new ones. That means a more robust application and a better overall user experience.


Develop With Confidence

In Java software development, knowing your product performs well before it reaches production can be huge. With our Java development toolkit, developers get real-time reports on the performance impact of their code changes during development. These developer-tailored reports help companies deliver better-performing applications and software with less performance overhead.

Instant reloading of code changes
Ability to maintain application state after deploys 
Application profiling and the ability to discover hidden exceptions 
Real-time developer-tailored reports on performance impacts of code changes 

Streamline Java Application Development

With JRebel you stop waiting for build and redeploy to make code changes. Simply write code and refresh your browser.


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Networked Assets

Networked Assets

Customer Case Study

Will They Blend Blog


Customer Case Study

Will They Blend Blog


Customer Case Study

Improve Code Visibility and Application Performance

With XRebel, developers see how their code performs in distributed environments – making it easier to launch better-performing Java applications.


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