Every piece of software has limitations. But sometimes those limitations can spread through the Java ecosystem like urban legends -- becoming more tall tale than faithful fact. For JRebel, those misconceptions have proven problematic for developers who need heightened productivity, but are convinced that there are no available solutions.

The Truth About JRebel

The truth is that JRebel eliminates the hidden costs in critical parts of the development process. That translates into massive time savings and productivity gains that preserve your budget. No matter what Java environment your applications run in, or however customized, complicated, or virtualized your architecture is, JRebel will likely integrate into it, saving your teams time and money.

What You'll Learn

This eBook explores common misconceptions by showing users examples where JRebel not only dispels these myths, but flips the table completely.

We cover five scenarios where commonly held opinions about JRebel are incorrectly informed:

  • Spring Boot is “fast enough” without JRebel.
  • Your IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic applications are too mature for JRebel.
  • JRebel doesn’t integrate with SAP Hybris.
  • JRebel doesn’t work in complex environments and custom architectures.
  • Remote development on virtual machines or cloud environments is too much for JRebel to handle.

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