Why XRebel Sets the Standard for Java Performance Analysis

XRebel does things traditional profiling tools can’t. It allows developers to trace the impact of their code from beginning to end -- even in distributed applications. This, combined with real-time Java performance metrics, makes XRebel a must-have tool for any Java developer. With XRebel, developers can create better-performing applications that lead to a better end user experience.

Understand and Improve Application Performance

Unlike traditional profilers, XRebel takes a request-based approach to performance – making performance issues clearer and more actionable.

Follow your request across all XRebel-enabled services, seeing performance data for each. XRebel reveals the most time-consuming methods in your request, hiding the rest until you really need them.

Get Superior Code Visibility for Your Web Application

With XRebel, developers can easily assess application structure and the layers involved in executing their code.

For databases, developers can quickly trace database interactions back to the application code. For distributed applications, developers see how code interacts across microservices – even if the code is merely a client for the rest of the system. 

Troubleshoot SQL and NoSQL IO

Excessive database queries can bog down application performance.  By increasing visibility into how JPA and Hibernate queries relate to JDBC invocations, XRebel makes suboptimal database issues easier to diagnose and fix.

Working with MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase or Neo4j? XRebel displays each query in easy-to-parse formatting, shows which component or service executed it, and displays how long it took to complete.

Distributed Tracing: Get Rid of Microservice Bottlenecks

XRebel brings distributed tracing into the development environment. Follow your request end-to-end in a distributed application, capturing method-level performance data and IO events.

The hierarchical overview of microservice calls helps developers understand how each service affects performance of the whole system. This helps developers to identify performance bottlenecks before they become an issue in production.

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Debug Your Local or Distributed Application

If distributed tracing, IO and performance metrics are not enough for your debugging needs, XRebel shows logs and exceptions effortlessly in the UI.

The Exceptions view reverses your stacktraces to show buried exceptions. The Logs view captures logs from loggers and standard out, showing them in UI and displaying arrays and maps as an easy-to-read tree.

Legendary Support and Documentation

From installation to troubleshooting, we provide legendary support and documentation to make sure you’re getting all XRebel has to offer.


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Calculate Your XRebel ROI

Identify performance issues faster with XRebel. Use our ROI calculator to see just how much time (and money) your team can save by using XRebel.


XRebel Customer Case Studies

XRebel is the Java code analysis tool of choice for companies including ICON, Amway, Antea, and more.

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Customer Case Study



Customer Case Study

XRebel Works With Your Java Technology

Any browser, every server – XRebel integrates with almost all popular Java application development technology stacks to deliver better code visibility and real-time performance analytics.

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